Lovely Sunset over Prince Rupert BC

A Career of Moments

Woodinville Washington fire
Woodinville Washington firefighters attack a furniture factory blaze. (circa 1980).

Turned 70 August 2015. Lucky to make it this far.  Time to round up a career’s worth of photographs and try to make some sense of it all.  I Still have a lot to photograph ahead of me and I’m now blessed with excellent health to do it. But now in my 10th year of retirement from an active and rewarding 34 year career in photojournalism, photo editing, reporting and finally travel writing and photography to try to catalog what I can into something meaningful and hopefully entertaining.

WordPress, I’ve decided, will be the foundation for my interactive look at the past. Comment if you wish if I can safely activate the comment action. Over the next few weeks, months and years I’ll post my pictures already organized into folders under under a variety of categories – posting about interesting stories I was involved with along the way.  I’ll try to comment on as many images as I can.  I’ll continue to post images until the well runs dry. It’s a labor of love.

Hope you can visit and stay interested.

Jeff Larsen, Seattle Washington         October 25, 2015

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Jeffrey Larsen

Retired photojournalist from Seattle Washington.