Rugby action

Rugby – One Time

I was a sports shooter early in my career.  The action and challenge was worth the frustration of deadline pressures and sometime physical abuse.  The movement. Had to do with the movement.

Every once in a while a photo assignment from the sports department would be be dealt to the photo department that was more than routine. Rugby football. Now that was tantalizing.  A rough and tumble international outdoor sport I might not ever get to photograph again.  I never did.

All I can remember almost 40 years later is that two Eastside Rugby clubs were set to face off and a sports reporter planned to write a feature story on the exhibition that was open to the public.

Recently as  I rummaged through some sleeves of black and white negatives from those early days on one sleeve I had scribbled Rugby..just the name.  No date, time, place, anything else, just Rugby.   I wasn’t very good at Meta data back in the day.

These photographs are from the six film strips that survived. Tri-X, ASA 400.


Published by

Jeffrey Larsen

Retired photojournalist from Seattle Washington.